The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview

The Mile 99 Interview is the brainchild of Auburn, CA area ultrarunners as a way to keep the community in touch and share each other's knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always interested to find some great insights and stories from all of the incredible ultrarunners in this area and in the sport as a whole!

Sept. 17, 2021

Episode 47 - Beverley Anderson-Abbs

Join us for Episode 47 and find out about the Queen of the South, Beverley Anderson-Abbs. We go way back to her roots in Canada and learn how racing and competing started at a very early age. We chat all about her years in...

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Sept. 3, 2021

Episode 46 - Melissa Penwell

Episode 46 was a deep dive into road running with Melissa Penwell. She has a drive for success that is almost tangible throughout the interview. She gave us a glimpse into how she qualified for the Olympic Trials in 2019 & tr...

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Aug. 27, 2021

Episode 45 - Reggie White and Rob Myers - Bear 100

Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run runners download this episode today! Reggie White and Robert Myers walked us through their training leading up to the Bear 100 Mile Endurance Run, gear picks and some important discussions about ha...

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Aug. 13, 2021

Episode 44 - Christine Vincent

This episode was all about a patient & grateful runner lining up to the 2021 Western States Endurance Run 100. Christine Vincent fought cutoffs, blisters and unusual heat to finally get to cross the finish line in 29 hours a...

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Aug. 6, 2021

Episode 43 - EJ Maldonado

Episode 43 with EJ Maldonado is not one to miss. EJ gives us so many reasons why the trail community is one of the most supportive and kind communities to be a part of. We discussed huge life changes, transgender athletes, ge...

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July 23, 2021

Episode 42 - Tim Stahler - Inside Trail Racing

For this episode we sit down with the guy behind many of our favorite local and Bay Area trail races like the Woodside Ramble, Knickerbocker Canyon, Marin Ultra Challenge, and the Ordnance 100K, Inside Trail Racing’s very own...

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