March 5, 2021

Episode 29 - Karen and Kjell Frames

Episode 29 - Karen and Kjell Frames

For our 29th episode, we sat down with two fixtures of our trail running community, Karen and Kjell Framnes!

You can count on seeing Karen, Kjell and their daughter Olivia at pretty much any trail race in Northern California from 50k up to 200 miles in length, both racing and volunteering. 

They are true ambassadors of the sport, and we talked to them to find out all about how they got their starts, how they met and fell in love, what they've been up to the past few years and what big plans are in store for later this year and beyond!

Karen went into details about all of the mental determination it takes for her to complete the incredibly difficult races she enters and all of the support that helps her push forward. She clued us in to some of the ways she motivates herself to keep going through the low points, and it may help someone listening to this episode!

Tune in for a heartfelt and honest discussion and even a take on the Newlywed Game at the end!

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