Sept. 10, 2020

Episode 13 - Renee Elsdon Jacobs

Episode 13 - Renee Elsdon Jacobs

Renee sat down with us in this episode just two weeks after her successful FKT record on the Sierra High Route, a challenging route covering nearly 200 miles, mostly off-trail and typically above 9000’ elevation! Renee is a rock climber, mountaineer and runner and had to bring all of those skills to bear in order to complete her record under her target time.

Executing an effort like this takes an incredible amount of planning, training and support. Renee gave us insights into all of those facets of the FKT and how she balanced them with the normal demands of life and her young son and husband at home.

The audience delved into many other topics as well, and you’re certain to get inspired for an adventure you may be considering for yourself!

Renee's Sierra High Route FKT report:

Renee's FKT site athlete page:

Steve Roper's Sierra High Route trail book:

“Mapping Cloud Nine” book mentioned by Renee:

“Finding Flow” book mentioned by Renee:

Focusing on the breath:

Helen Pelster's post to breathe better and improve your running:
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