Oct. 5, 2020

Episode 15 - Kristina Folcik

Episode 15 - Kristina Folcik
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CONTENT WARNING:This episode contains discussion of domestic abuse and suicidal thoughts

Kristina Folcik is a trail runner, race director, coach, multiple FKT (fastest known time) record holder and domestic abuse survivor. She joined us from New Hampshire to talk about the various forms of abuse she suffered for years, what it took to finally exit her marriage, and the people and resources that helped her do so.

Part of her healing process in life is going into the mountains, and she settled on a daunting task to help herself through the most difficult period of her life - to set a fastest known time (FKT) record on the White Mountains 100 segment of the Appalachian Trail. In fact, she became become the first person to run this section of the AT continuously and therefore set the benchmark for future attempts. During her effort, she faced several multi-peak traverses, covering 104 miles and 34,000 feet of climbing.

Surrounded by her dedicated support crew and pacers, she accomplished this incredible feat and also raised over $1000 for Starting Point NH, the organization that worked with her for years until she found the strength to leave her hurtful past behind and become the authentic person that she was meant to be.

Please tune in for this moving episode, and we want to thank Kristina for joining us and talking about this very important topic.

Domestic Abuse Resources

Kristina's IG: https://www.instagram.com/dangergirldh/

ROCKHOPPER Races LLC: https://www.rockhopperraces.com/ (https://www.instagram.com/rockhopperraces/)

Concord (NH) Monitor article about the FKT record: https://www.concordmonitor.com/Tamworth-s-Folcik-makes-100-mile-trek-on-AT-36154724

Press release from NH Senator Maggie Hassan: https://www.hassan.senate.gov/news/press-releases/senator-hassan-recognizes-kristina-folcik-of-tamworth-as-septembers-granite-stater-of-the-month

FKT details: https://fastestknowntime.com/fkt/kristina-folcik-appalachian-trail-white-mountains-100-nh-2020-08-23
Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica Harris
Intro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation: https://josephmcdade.com/music/elevation

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