Dec. 5, 2020

Episode 21 - Craig Thornley, Tim Twietmeyer and Dr. Andy Pasternak

Episode 21 - Craig Thornley, Tim Twietmeyer and Dr. Andy Pasternak

Western States Endurance Run race director Craig Thornley, board member Tim Twietmeyer and medical director Dr. Andy Pasternak joined us for our 21st episode to talk all about the current state of the race as we head into 2021. We found out about how the board reacted to the original onset of the pandemic, handling the cancellation and the plans to hold the race in 2021.

Dr. Pasternak, with his background in epidemiology, also spent time explaining the various vaccine development efforts, how that will affect the general population as well as the ability to restart holding outdoor events like Western States. We also had a guest appearance by new board member Kara Teklinski to talk about her experience with the race organization as she ramps up.

There was great audience Q&A, a leak from Craig about some new plans being worked on by the board and plenty of other good stuff!

If you are Western States runner, pacer, crew member, volunteer or just love the race, tune in for this one! We're also looking forward to bringing them all back in early February for another update on where the 2021 race stands.

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