Feb. 5, 2021

Episode 27 - Craig Thornley, Dr. Andy Pasternak, Diana Fitzpatrick, and Tim Twietmeyer

Episode 27 - Craig Thornley, Dr. Andy Pasternak, Diana Fitzpatrick, and Tim Twietmeyer
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In this episode, we were joined by Western States Endurance Run race director Craig Thornley, race medical director Dr. Andy Pasternak, president of the board of directors Diana Fitzpatrick, and vice president of the board Tim Twietmeyer.

We were glad to welcome them back after first talking in early December to find out more about plans for the 2021 Western States race. Back in December, there was a great deal of uncertainty that made it difficult to decide how to plan for 2021. In this episode, they all offered helpful insight into the many facets of planning the race and keeping the runners safe.

We touched on all kinds of topics from a latest update on the pandemic and vaccine rollouts, contingency plans for accommodating international runners, qualifying race requirements and much more. We also heard an update on an exciting new race planned for late 2022 by the Western States organization. We'll certainly look forward to hearing more about that again soon!

Tune in to get all of the latest information and updates, and we'll all keep our fingers crossed for a successful race this June!

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