Oct. 15, 2021

Episode 49 - Megan Roche and Jonathan Levitt

Episode 49 - Megan Roche and Jonathan Levitt

Episode 49 gets down to the bone. Megan Roche and Jonathan Levitt have been instrumental in a multi-year Western States Endurance Run study looking at bone health in ultrarunners. We snagged some of their time to talk about this study! Megan Roche is a medical doctor, a researcher at Stanford, ultrarunner, coach, author, and podcaster. Jonathan Levitt is an ultrarunner, host of the For the Long Run podcast, and endurance athlete liaison for InsideTracker, who is providing the blood testing for the WSER study. Join us for an hour and get all the details on longevity in the Long Run of life.

Happy Running - Some Work All Play (swaprunning.com)

Optimize wellness and performance through blood tests, nutrition and science. (insidetracker.com)

Megan IG: @Meg_Runs_Happy

Jonathon IG: @jwlevitt, @forthelrpod

Bone Health in Female Ultrarunners Focus of New Study (womensrunning.com)


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