May 20, 2022

Episode 68 - Mike Turner - Cocadona Redemption

Episode 68 - Mike Turner - Cocadona Redemption

After his first ever DNF at the inaugural Cocadona 250 in 2021, Mike Turner, co-host of The Mile 99 Interview podcast and "Regular Guy Ultrarunner" stormed back into his training with a burning desire to fix what went wrong.  He reinvented his entire plan, hired trainers, researched the "Ultra Lean", spoke to doctors, hit mega vert, cross-trained, dramatically changed his diet and most importantly relentlessly studied how to tackle this new distance.  

 With trusty Sun-brella in hand, he assembled a support team with his daughter at the helm and friends of new and old to pace him along the way. From the Chaparral, Piñon, Juniper, and Ponderosa forest that surrounds Prescott, Arizona, over the sunburned cow pastures of Fain Ranch, up the rugged Mingus Mountain, through the historic towns of Jerome and Sedona, forging rivers, summiting the infamous Mount Elden, to the finish line in Flagstaff; Mike’s 108-hour journey took meticulously executing everything he had ever learned about ultrarunning. 
Tune in to this extra-special episode with our friend and newly-buckled Cocadona 250 finisher to hear the story of his amazing week-long adventure; Cocadona Redemption, a journey of planning, preparation, and prevention.

Your hosts: Jessica Harris / Greg Larkin / Mike Turner 

Intro/outro music: Joseph McDade - Elevation:

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