Feb. 12, 2021

First 99 Gear Review - Our Gear Picks

First 99 Gear Review - Our Gear Picks
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Mike kicked off our Mile 99 crew favorite gear review. We peeked into a lesson from Turner’s Theory of Net Energy Balance. It led him to favoring a Gore brand windstopper vest. It has a low back and pockets originally used for cyclists. He mentioned his glasses hook up from Cody Johnson in Salt Lake City who fit prescription lenses in racing glasses. They auto-tint and he wore them for 34 hours at a race. Dakine 8L waistpack is a recent purchase that Mike wants to use for snacks so it is likely to become a favorite quickly. 

Jessica really loves the Lululemon Speed Up shorts 2.5 ($59). They are light, lined and durable. She has had the Flipbelt classic($29) for over 5 years. They fit her large phone and have a hook for keys. Jessica was disappointed with the Ultimate Direction Women’s Ultra Vesta 4.0 ($110). The fabric doesn't wash well and is not sturdy. The bladder and soft flask combination is not realistic for a race pack. 

Greg is all about getting efficient. He likes his Victory Sport Design Bear III gear bag ($120). He uses it for racing and training. He also favors a big plastic tote that he keeps all his extra gear in. It is always ready to go and it is easy to load up for adventures. His Victory bag also fits into it making this setup so efficient. Greg initially started out liking Injinji toe socks because they helped prevent blisters during long races and training runs. Durability was an issue after a while, and he had to replace them pretty frequently. He now uses the XOSKIN brand toe socks ($24). They’ve been working well and are very durable.

Tune in to hear more about our likes and dislikes!
Your hosts: Greg Larkin / Mike Turner / Jessica Harris

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