May 27, 2022

First 99 Gear Review - Sunbrella and Hoodies - A Cocodona Experience

First 99 Gear Review - Sunbrella and Hoodies - A Cocodona Experience

My Cocodona Redemption was an experience in planning, preparation, and prevention. But it was also a net sum energy equation and using the energy in the system as efficiently as possible. That meant eating, drinking, moving, resting, and sleeping on a regular rigid schedule to get the energy in and moving efficiently during the days and nights. One of the quickest ways to loose energy during the day is from solar rays.  Many of you asked, why is he wearing a hoodie and what is with the umbrella? Well, it again comes down to energy. When the sun is on your skin or blazing through your non-UPF-protected clothing your body responds to protect itself. To control your body temperature, you sweat. The cooling process requires energy and sweating leads to water and salt loss. So getting overheated and sunburnt leads to all sorts of problems. And with a 5-day race, you cannot afford to lose anything. This gear review focuses on the items I used to preserve my energy. 

Sunbrella - Lightrek Hiking (Chrome) Umbrella - Gossamer Gear

Sun Hoodie - Sun-Protective Fabric Men's Hoodies | REI Co-op

Sun Hoodie - Search results: hoodies | Columbia Sportswear

Sun Hoodie - Realtree Camo

Gloves -


Poles - Trekking Poles | Hiking Poles | Black Diamond Equipment

Backpack -

Recovery - R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massage Muscle Roller | ROLL Recovery

Snacks -

Socks - Shop All Socks | Injinji Performance Toesocks

Prana Stretch Zion Pant II - prAna


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