Nov. 16, 2020

Rebecca Redlines Cancer - Trailer

Rebecca Redlines Cancer - Trailer

We're announcing a new series of podcast episodes that are planned coming up over the next couple of months. The series is called “Rebecca Redlines Cancer”, and we’re posting this trailer episode today to let you know a bit more about it. These episodes will be released along with our continuing format of individual interviews as we’ve been doing since May of 2020.

Rebecca Sperry (see below for links to her website and Instagram) is an avid hiker who lives in New Hampshire.  She has been working on a plan since January 1st 2020 to hike all of the trails in the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire.  This totals about 2000 miles when you have to factor in going back and forth on certain sections, and it’s called redlining. With a paper map, the goal is to mark off every mile that you’ve hiked with a pen until every trail mile has been completed. Her goal was to complete all of the trail miles in 2020, and she would have been the first female to accomplish it in that timeframe - a single year New Hampshire redline.

She was working on this project until August of 2020, and then she was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. We reached out to her recently and proposed the idea of doing a series of episodes where she could talk about her redlining project, but more importantly, we wanted to speak to her about what her cancer experience has been like, what she has learned, get updates from her as she's going through treatment, and also highlight the fact that she is still pushing herself just as hard as she always was, as often as she can, while she's going through treatment.

Tune in for this new series within the podcast, and we hope you will join us!

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